“Manhattan DA Bragg takes legal action against Rep. Jim Jordan’s interference in Trump case”

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has filed a lawsuit against Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, alleging that he interfered in a case involving former President Donald Trump. Bragg claims that Jordan sought to obstruct justice by attempting to prevent the release of Trump’s tax returns and other financial documents. The lawsuit specifically targets Jordan’s attempts to block subpoenas issued by Bragg’s office to Mazars USA, Trump’s accounting firm.

Jordan, who represents Ohio’s 4th congressional district, has vigorously denied the allegations. In a statement released through his office, he accused Bragg of engaging in a politically motivated witch hunt against Trump and his allies. “This lawsuit is nothing more than a partisan attempt to smear my reputation and distract from the real issues facing our country,” he said.

Bragg’s lawsuit is just the latest in a series of legal battles between the Manhattan DA’s office and Trump and his associates. The former president is currently facing multiple investigations into his business and financial dealings, and his legal team has sought to block the release of documents related to those inquiries.

In response to the lawsuit, some of Bragg’s staff have urged Jordan to focus on the issues facing his own state rather than interfering in New York City’s affairs. In a statement, they pointed to the high murder rates in Ohio and suggested that Jordan should stay in his home state if he wants to see real problems that need to be addressed.

The Judiciary panel is also being sued by Bragg over a subpoena issued to Pomerantz, an accounting firm that worked with Trump. The lawsuit alleges that the panel’s subpoena violates Bragg’s authority as the district attorney and seeks to obstruct justice.

Bragg’s efforts to hold Trump and his associates accountable have garnered both praise and criticism. Some have praised him for his commitment to justice, while others have accused him of being a partisan actor seeking to score political points. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuits, it is clear that the legal battle over Trump’s financial records is far from over.