“March Madness 2023: Expert Model Simulates Tournament 10,000 Times, Unveils Surprising Cinderella Teams and Upsets”

College basketball fans are eagerly anticipating the 2023 edition of March Madness, and as the tournament draws nearer, the predictions and betting odds are starting to heat up. With the help of a model that has simulates the tournament 10,000 times, CBS Sports has compiled a list of the potential Cinderella teams and best upset picks for the bracket. Meanwhile, the Washington Post has released their list of top bets to win the tournament, taking into account each team’s odds and previous performances.

For those looking to place bets on the tournament, Gaming Today has rounded up the top Massachusetts online sportsbooks for betting on March Madness. And for those wondering about the legality of betting on college basketball, Lineups has put together a complete guide to legal betting in every state.

While all eyes are on the upcoming tournament, CBS Sports has already released their predictions for the bracket, with their college basketball model unveiling surprisingly strong tournament picks for 2023.

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