“Market turmoil as Fed Chief Powell signals higher interest rates, Dow Jones plummets over 500 points and Tesla struggles”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 500 points on Wednesday as investors reacted to comments made by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. Powell noted that interest rates were likely to be higher than previously anticipated, causing widespread concern in the market. Tesla also fell below a key level, leading to further losses.

Gold prices were also impacted by Powell’s comments, with XAU/USD sinking below $1,820. Analysts at FXStreet have issued a gold price forecast following the market’s reaction to Powell’s remarks.

Powell’s comments have unleashed unsettling volatility in the market, leading investors to question why Wall Street did not listen to his warning. In an article on MarketWatch, experts noted that the market’s response might be due to a lack of differentiation between Powell and his predecessor, Janet Yellen.

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