“Massive Protests in Israel Spark Historic Movement Against Judicial Overhaul”

Israelis have taken to the streets in one of the biggest protests in the country’s history, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The protests have been ongoing for 10 weeks, with demonstrators demanding a change in the country’s leadership, which they say is plagued by corruption and mismanagement.

Former attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, has weighed in on the ongoing protests, criticizing the proposed overhaul of the country’s judiciary. Mandelblit said that a “collision” is preferable to a bad compromise when it comes to reforming the justice system.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that mass protests against the judicial overhaul have entered their 10th week, with demonstrators calling for an independent judiciary free from political interference. The protests have drawn over 300,000 people, according to The Times of Israel.

As the protests continue, Middle East Eye has outlined four key things to know about the situation in Israel, including the role of religious Zionism in the country’s politics and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the demonstrations.

Anti-overhaul protesters are calling for an increase in momentum, vowing to turn up the heat until their demands are met. The protests are part of a larger movement calling for accountability and transparency among Israel’s leaders.