Mayor Cody Smith Resigns Amid Controversy in Uvalde, Texas

AUSTIN, TX – The City of Uvalde is facing a significant leadership shakeup, with Mayor Cody Smith resigning abruptly citing health reasons. This announcement comes amidst the impending departure of the police chief, adding to the turmoil in the aftermath of a tragic school shooting that rocked the community two years ago.

Mayor Smith, in a statement released on Monday, expressed his need to prioritize his health as he continues to recover from unforeseen health issues. He conveyed gratitude to the Uvalde community for their support during this challenging time. However, he did not provide further details regarding his health condition.

The decision to resign follows a recent independent report commissioned by the city, which upheld the actions of local law enforcement during the chaotic response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in May 2022. The tragic incident claimed the lives of 21 individuals, leaving a lasting impact on the small Texas town.

City Council members are set to convene to discuss the report, a meeting previously postponed due to concerns for Mayor Smith’s well-being. This development comes as Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez announced his forthcoming resignation, effective April 6. The city’s report cleared local officers of any wrongdoing in their delayed response to the armed teen responsible for the school shooting.

Rodriguez, who was on vacation during the shooting, cited a desire for a new career chapter in his resignation letter, avoiding mention of the tragic event. The controversial report, conducted by investigator Jesse Prado, drew criticism and emotional outbursts from victims’ families and community members during a special city council meeting, shedding light on the lingering wounds from the tragedy.

As Uvalde grapples with the aftermath of the school shooting and subsequent leadership changes, the community is faced with the challenge of healing and rebuilding trust in local authorities. The resignation of both Mayor Smith and Police Chief Rodriguez marks a pivotal moment for the city as it navigates through a period of transition and reflection on the tragic events that have scarred the town’s history.