“Mice go from drunk to sober in seconds, sparking hope for new hangover cure”

Scientists have made a breakthrough in the fight against hangovers and alcohol intoxication. A recent study shows that a hormone injection given to drunk mice can sober them up twice as fast as those without the injection.

This news comes after a separate study found that a simple shot could sober up drunk mice quickly. The hormone shot completely cured the mice of their drunkenness, according to reports by The Sun.

Scientists are excited about the new development and are beginning to work on making a similar cure for humans. The hormone injection works by speeding up the body’s metabolism, which breaks down alcohol in the system faster.

While the cure may take some time to be approved and released for human consumption, scientists have discovered a ‘quick fix’ for those wanting to sober up faster. A hormone injection that halves the time it takes to sober up has been developed, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The injection could be used by emergency responders or anyone hoping to sober up quickly after a night of drinking. The findings were also reported by The Telegraph, which stated that the hormone shot could be used to sober up people who have consumed too much alcohol.

While the cure for hangovers and alcohol intoxication may still be a few years away, the development of the hormone injection is welcome news for those who may need a quick way to sober up. The news is a reminder to always drink responsibly and know your limits.