Michigan State Football Coach Mel Tucker Faces Firing Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

EAST LANSING, MI – Michigan State University (MSU) has initiated actions to remove its Football Coach, Mel Tucker, following allegations of misconduct. The University made a formal announcement on Monday regarding its intentions of terminating Tucker from his position due to serious violations.

MSU Athletic Director, Alan Haller declared that they have issued a written notice to Tucker, intending to terminate his contract on the grounds of misconduct, as per the provisions of his existing contract. Tucker, who is currently in the third year of his ten-year contract worth $95 million, has been given seven days to present his defense.

The developments come after a Title IX complaint was registered against Tucker in December 2022 by Brenda Tracy, a prominent advocate for sexual assault prevention. According to Tracy’s claims, Tucker attempted to initiate an inappropriate relationship, followed by unwelcome advances while being on a phone call with her.

Tucker, however, has contradicted Tracy’s allegations, maintaining that their interactions were part of a mutually consented intimate relationship.

The University roped in an independent investigator to look into the matter, determining if Tucker’s conduct was in violation of the University’s established sexual misconduct policy. The findings of this inquiry, completed in late July, suggested a hearing to make the final decision on Tucker’s alleged policy violation. This hearing is slated for the beginning of October.

Despite MSU’s ongoing efforts to address the situation, other concerns have come into focus. The University is now investigating how the complainant’s identity, Tracy, was leaked, which formed a part of the original allegation’s probe.

Tucker, who has been with the University since September 10, is now serving a suspension without pay. In light of Tucker’s unavailability, Harlon Barnett, the assistant coach, has been promoted to an interim coach role, leading the team in their upcoming fixture against Maryland.