Microsoft, Google, Nvidia and CWA Union Come Together to Defend Activision Blizzard Deal at EU Hearing

Microsoft is facing a critical hearing in the European Union as the tech giant looks to secure approval for its acquisition of the gaming giant Activision Blizzard. At the hearing, Microsoft’s President Brad Smith and representatives from Google and Nvidia were present to push for the deal.

Microsoft has been preparing for the hearing, which could decide the fate of the $7 billion deal. The company has been addressing concerns from EU regulators and has been willing to make concessions in order to save the deal.

The Communication Workers of America Union has also been calling for the EU to approve the acquisition, citing the potential benefits for workers and consumers.

The hearing will decide whether Microsoft will be able to move forward with the deal, and the outcome could have major implications for the tech industry. Microsoft is looking to expand its gaming presence with the acquisition, while Google and Nvidia are looking to protect their own interests in the gaming space.

It remains to be seen what the EU will decide, but the hearing will be closely watched by the tech industry.