“Microsoft Outlook for Mac now free to use and optimized for M1 and M2 chips, introducing new ‘peek’ feature”

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that its Outlook for Mac is now free to download and use. This is a significant shift from the previous requirement of a Microsoft 365 subscription to access the popular email, calendar, and contact management program.

The new version of Outlook has been redesigned and optimized for Apple Silicon, making it fully compatible with the new M1 and M2 macs.

One of the most exciting features teased by Microsoft is the “peek” function in the menu bar. Users will be able to preview their upcoming meetings, tasks, and emails without having to open the full Outlook app.

The announcement has received positive feedback from the Apple community, with many praising Microsoft’s decision to make the app free for all users.

“We are excited to make Outlook for Mac more accessible to everyone,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. “We are constantly improving our products and features to provide the best experience for our users.”

The move to make Outlook free for Mac users is part of Microsoft’s larger strategy to expand its presence on Apple devices. In addition to Outlook, Microsoft has also optimized its Office suite of applications for Apple Silicon and made it free for personal use.

Overall, the announcement of a free and optimized Outlook for Mac has been received with enthusiasm by users and is expected to boost its popularity among Apple users even further.