Migrants from Texas left outside Sacramento church without warning; Gov. Newsom investigates

Governor Gavin Newsom’s office is investigating after a group of migrants from Texas were left in front of a Sacramento church without warning. According to reports, the group of 16 Venezuelan and Colombian migrants were processed in Texas and then flown to California under false pretenses by a private contractor. They were then left in front of a Catholic church in Sacramento, where they were discovered by church officials.

The group had been told that they were being taken to a processing center and that they would be reunited with their families soon. However, church officials say that they were left without any information or resources, and that they had to scramble to coordinate housing and other basic needs for the migrants.

Governor Newsom’s office is now trying to determine who is responsible for the incident, and has issued a statement saying that they are committed to “providing safe, reliable, and supportive services for all migrants who are seeking a better life in California.”

The incident has sparked outrage in Sacramento and across the state, as many are calling for more transparency and accountability in the way that migrants are processed and treated. The Catholic church has also released a statement condemning the incident, and calling on state and federal officials to do more to protect and provide for vulnerable migrants.

As the investigation unfolds, many are hoping that this incident will lead to meaningful change and reforms in the way that migrants are treated in California and across the United States.