Migrants with Florida links flown to Sacramento in chartered private jet under investigation by California officials

Sacramento, California – State authorities are investigating after a chartered private jet arrived at Sacramento Executive Airport carrying 16 migrants from Texas. According to sources, the migrants have links to Florida, though it is unclear what those links may be. The passengers were dropped off at the doorstep of a church in Sacramento, where they were met by local authorities.

The California Governor’s office released a statement saying they were not given any advance warning of the arrival of the migrants and are working to determine how and why they were flown into the state.

This comes just days after a similar incident in San Diego, where authorities detained a group of migrants who had been dropped off by a private jet at Brown Field Municipal Airport. The passengers, hailing from countries including Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, were reportedly charged up to $35,000 each for the trip.

Critics are condemning California officials for their lack of preparedness and coordination in handling such incidents and are calling for a more comprehensive approach to border control. Meanwhile, supporters of the migrants argue that they are simply seeking a better life and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The investigation is ongoing.