Miracle at the Dallas Zoo: Missing Tamarin Monkeys Found Safe and Uninjured

The Dallas Zoo experienced a day of panic when two of their beloved emperor tamarin monkeys went missing on Tuesday. The zoo staff and local authorities searched for the monkeys, but it was a tip from a local resident that ended up leading to their discovery.

The two emperor tamarins were found safe and unharmed inside an abandoned home in the area. The Dallas Zoo said in a statement that the monkeys were healthy and uninjured. The investigation into how the monkeys got out of their enclosure is ongoing.

The incident comes just days after a vulture was found dead at the zoo, which the zoo said was likely due to a monkey theft. The zoo has had a history of animal escapes, and this latest incident has put a damper on the zoo’s redemption story.

The Dallas Zoo is not the only zoo in the area to experience animal escapes. A dozen squirrel monkeys have gone missing from Zoosiana in the past few weeks. It is unclear what happened to the animals, but authorities are still investigating.

The Dallas Zoo is reminding visitors to be vigilant when visiting the zoo and to report any suspicious activity. They also urge people to keep their eyes open for any missing animals.