Miracle Rescues Continue in Turkey as Death Toll Rises to 36K After Earthquake

The death toll from the devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey’s eastern region on February 12th has risen to 36,000 according to the latest news reports. In the aftermath of the disaster, rescuers have been able to pull off a number of miraculous rescues, including a young girl who was pulled alive from the rubble a week after the earthquakes.

The news of the young girl’s rescue has been met with a mixture of relief and despair, as the death toll continues to rise and the search for survivors continues. In the wake of the disaster, frustration is growing among the homeless survivors, who are struggling to find shelter and rebuild their lives.

Business owners in the city of Antakya have taken steps to protect their shops from looters, by emptying their stores and closing their doors. The situation has been made worse by the fact that the city has been left without power, and the lack of basic supplies is making it difficult for those affected by the earthquakes to rebuild their lives.

The Turkish government has promised to provide assistance to those affected by the disaster, but the scale of the destruction has made it difficult for aid to reach those in need. In the meantime, the search for survivors continues, and the death toll is expected to rise further.

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