Modi Meets Putin in Russia: Unlock the Editor’s Digest for Free

Moscow, Russia – India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to engage in formal discussions with President Vladimir Putin in Russia to fortify relations amid growing concerns about Moscow’s alignment with China. The leaders held informal talks on Monday at Putin’s residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, with further formal negotiations scheduled for Tuesday. Modi described the visit as a chance to deepen ties and strengthen the friendship between India and Russia.

However, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized Modi for the trip, condemning his embrace of Putin amidst ongoing violence in Ukraine. Zelenskyy expressed disappointment over the visit, particularly in light of recent Russian attacks that claimed the lives of dozens of civilians, including children.

The visit marks Modi’s first visit to Russia since the country’s invasion of Ukraine, signaling India’s efforts to maintain a longstanding relationship with Russia amid Western sanctions against Moscow. India values its ties with Russia, the country’s largest arms supplier and a crucial source of affordable oil.

Amid escalating tensions with China along the Himalayan border, India views Russia’s neutrality as essential for national security. The two nations have seen a significant increase in trade, particularly in oil imports, further solidifying their economic partnership.

However, some analysts suggest that India is increasingly turning towards Western nations for economic and military cooperation, as evidenced by a decline in Indian arms imports from Russia in recent years. This shift underscores India’s strategic recalibration as it seeks advanced military technology from countries like the US and Israel.

Overall, Modi’s visit to Russia highlights the complex dynamics at play as India navigates its relationships with major global powers. The trip serves as a reminder of India’s delicate balancing act between maintaining ties with traditional partners like Russia while also exploring new opportunities for collaboration with the West.