“Moscow Drone Attack: Putin Claims Ukraine’s Attempt to Frighten Russians as Drones Strike Both Capitals”

Moscow was hit by a drone attack in the early hours of Saturday morning, hitting several prominent buildings. Russian authorities have blamed Ukraine for the attack, with President Putin stating that the country is attempting to “frighten Russians”. The attack comes following reports that the West has increased supplies to Ukraine, according to Russia’s Shoigu.

The attack reportedly caused damage to several buildings in the capital, including the Foreign Ministry and the Finance Ministry. Authorities report that no one was injured in the incident. Following the attack, Russian authorities have beefed up security across the capital, with a heightened state of alert in place.

Russia expert Mark Galeotti has called the attack “very bad” for Putin, likely to have an impact on the upcoming parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, Ukraine has denied any involvement in the attack, calling Russia’s claims “absurd”.

The incident marks a significant escalation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as the conflict reaches both capitals. The situation remains tense, with both sides digging in for a long and drawn-out struggle.