Moscow Drone Attacks Targeted Civilians – Putin, Ukraine Within Its Rights to Project Force into Russian Territory – London

On Monday, a drone attack in Moscow caused chaos and destruction as it struck the Wagner Group, a private military contractor with ties to the Russian government. The attack targeted the group’s headquarters, leaving many civilians injured. In response, Wagner Group boss Dmitry Utkin spoke out against Russia’s elite, blaming them for not taking responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin has condemned the drone strike, stating that it specifically targeted civilians. He further warned that those responsible would face swift justice. However, Russia expert Michael McFaul believes that the attack will have lasting negative consequences for Putin’s reputation.

In another part of Russia, a fire broke out at an oil refinery in Krasnodar, likely caused by a drone according to the governor. The incident has raised concerns over the increasing use of drones in acts of terrorism and sabotage.

In light of these events, the UK government has expressed support for Ukraine’s right to protect its borders and territory. According to the London government, Ukraine is fully within its rights to use force against Russian aggression and violates its sovereignty.

The aftermath of these drone attacks highlights the growing threat of unmanned aerial vehicles being used for both military and civilian purposes. It remains to be seen what measures will be taken to prevent future attacks and ensure safety.