Murder Plot: Five Men from Queens Indicted in Connection to Brooklyn Laundromat Owner’s Assassination

BROOKLYN, New York – An indictment has been announced for five men from Queens in connection to the murder of a laundromat owner in East Flatbush last December. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez revealed the charges on Tuesday, accusing the victim’s cousin, Ronnie Butler, of orchestrating the assassination of 37-year-old Money Perkins. The indictment includes charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, and other offenses.

According to the investigation, Butler and Perkins had a longstanding feud dating back to the opening of the victim’s laundromat in 2022. Prosecutors allege that in November 2023, Butler sought help from his friend Louis Mercado to carry out the killing. Mercado reportedly recruited his stepson, who then enlisted Shaleek Riddick and Diante Stinson to participate in the deadly assault.

On the evening of December 1, 2023, Perkins was ambushed inside his laundromat, Money P. Clean, by four armed assailants. Last month, law enforcement arrested Butler, Riddick, Mercado, Stinson, and a 16-year-old in connection to the brutal murder. District Attorney Gonzalez emphasized the tragic nature of the crime, highlighting that the victim was allegedly targeted by his own cousin.

The NYPD and the District Attorney’s office worked collaboratively to unravel the conspiracy and bring justice to the case. Gonzalez emphasized that they will seek accountability for all the defendants involved in the murder. The investigation revealed the alleged planning behind the execution of the local businessman, who was described as a friend, brother, and beloved father.

The brutal nature of the crime shocked the community, as details of the conspiracy emerged. It is a tragic reminder of the dangers individuals like Perkins face, even from those close to them. The arrests made demonstrate the determination of law enforcement to pursue justice and address the heinous act that took place in the laundromat on Clarendon Road. The forthcoming legal proceedings will shed more light on the motives and circumstances surrounding the murder, providing closure for the victim’s loved ones.