Murder: Shelbyville Man Receives 60-Year Sentence for Killing 83-Year-Old Woman

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Alvin Brooks, a resident of Shelbyville, has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murder of 83-year-old Deanie Logan at her Zaring Mill Road home in November 2020. Brooks shot and killed Logan, leading to his arrest after his car was identified as matching the one seen in Logan’s driveway on the day of the murder.

During the investigation, Brooks’ wife revealed that he had shot an older woman and taken $500 from the victim. According to the arrest report, Brooks even showed his wife the victim’s purse and identification before disposing of the items in a body of water. The sentencing took place on Monday morning, marking the end of a legal process that began with a heinous crime that shocked the community.

The tragic event has left a lasting impact on the local residents, who have been following the case closely since Logan’s untimely death. The harsh sentencing reflects the severity of the crime committed by Brooks, indicating that justice has been served in this particular case. The community can find some closure knowing that the individual responsible for this heinous act will be imprisoned for the next six decades, ensuring the safety and security of the neighborhood.

The resolution of the case has provided a sense of relief for the family and friends of Deanie Logan, as they seek to heal from the loss of a beloved member of their community. The sentencing brings a semblance of justice to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Logan’s passing, serving as a reminder that the legal system continues to hold those accountable for their actions, particularly in cases of such grave nature. Alvin Brooks’ imprisonment marks the culmination of a tragic chapter, allowing the community to begin the process of healing and moving forward.