Murdered Pregnant Woman in Uttar Pradesh: Husband Fakes Robbery to Cover Up Crime

Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh – A tragic incident unfolded in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, where a woman named Hemlata was fatally shot by her husband, Rajkumar, in a disturbing twist of events. The motive behind the heinous act stemmed from Rajkumar’s suspicion of an extramarital affair, leading to a premeditated plan to stage the murder as a robbery gone wrong.

The events transpired on the night of May 14 as Hemlata and Rajkumar were returning to her in-laws’ residence. Tragically, Hemlata, who was pregnant at the time, became a victim of her husband’s unfounded doubts regarding the paternity of the unborn child. This marital discord had previously prompted Hemlata to temporarily stay at her maternal home in response to heated arguments with Rajkumar.

Rajkumar’s plan to fabricate a robbery scenario took a sinister turn when he shot Hemlata during their return journey, misleading authorities and family members by alleging a violent robbery. Despite his ploy, law enforcement uncovered inconsistencies in Rajkumar’s narrative during the ensuing investigation.

Subsequently, SP (rural) Manush Pareek confirmed the arrest and incarceration of the perpetrator, Rajkumar, who later confessed to the abhorrent crime. Details surrounding the case shed light on Hemlata’s online activities, particularly her reel-making endeavors that conflicted with her husband’s preferences, escalating tensions within their relationship.

Moreover, revelations emerged of clandestine communication between Hemlata and her brother-in-law, a discovery that further strained the already fragile dynamic between her and Rajkumar. The initial crime scene’s semblance to a robbery was dispelled by conclusive forensic evidence and Rajkumar’s inconsistent statements, culminating in a breakthrough for law enforcement.

As the investigation continues to unfold, the unsettling case serves as a poignant reminder of the profound consequences of domestic disputes and mistrust within marital relationships. Published on May 25, 2024, the tragic death of Hemlata underscores the importance of vigilance and intervention in cases of suspected domestic violence.