“Myanmar Junta’s Airstrike Leaves 100 Dead and Screaming Chaos: Eyewitness Accounts and Response from US Department of State”

Myanmar has once again been struck by a devastating airstrike carried out by the junta, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 133 people. According to reports, the airstrike occurred in a village in Sagaing, leaving behind a scene of chaos and destruction as bodies lay scattered everywhere while screams pierced through the air.

Although the official death toll remains unconfirmed, the National Unity Government, a shadow government opposing the junta, has stated that around 100 people were killed in the attack, with many more injured. Eyewitnesses to the bombing said that they heard a loud explosion followed by a series of explosions, leading to widespread destruction in the area.

The bombing has once again raised concerns about the military’s use of excessive force in its attempt to quell the growing anti-junta protests throughout the country. The United States Department of State has condemned the attack, stating that the military’s continued disregard for human life is unacceptable and further undermines democracy in Myanmar.

The country has been in turmoil since the military coup earlier this year, with protests taking place throughout the country demanding the return of democracy and the release of political prisoners. However, despite international condemnation and sanctions imposed on the junta, they continue to use force to suppress dissent.

The latest attack has sent shockwaves throughout the country, with many fearing that more violent incidents will follow. As the situation in Myanmar continues to deteriorate, international pressure is mounting for the junta to relinquish power and return the country to democracy.