Netanyahu Hospitalized for Dehydration: Prime Minister to Stay Overnight at Sheba Medical Center

Netanyahu to Stay Overnight at Sheba Medical Center for Observation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been hospitalized for dehydration and will remain overnight at the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan for observation, according to a statement from his office. Netanyahu’s doctors recommended the overnight stay for medical observation, but no further details were provided.

Hebrew media outlets have reported that Netanyahu is being treated in the hospital’s cardiology department. As a result of his hospitalization, the weekly cabinet meeting scheduled for Sunday morning has been postponed until Monday.

The prime minister’s hospitalization came after pictures emerged of his trip to the Sea of Galilee on Friday, where he reportedly became dehydrated after spending several hours in the sun without a hat or water. A joint statement from his office and the Sheba Medical Center indicated that he complained of dizziness due to the intense heatwave across the country.

Netanyahu, 73, was brought to the hospital from his home in Caesarea, fully conscious and walking without assistance. His personal doctor described his condition as “good and stable,” adding that he was undergoing examinations.

While there were initial reports of Netanyahu losing consciousness at home and experiencing chest pains, these claims have not been confirmed by Sheba doctors or addressed in the prime minister’s video statement. However, Netanyahu’s hospitalization has prompted concern given his lack of a formal deputy.

Netanyahu heads a hardline Israeli coalition government that has faced opposition over plans to overhaul the judiciary. He is also in the midst of a protracted corruption trial, with charges of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery. Despite these challenges, he denies all allegations and claims to be a victim of a political witch hunt.

In the coming weeks, legislation to block judicial scrutiny over politicians’ decisions is scheduled to be voted into law, raising concerns about the future of Israeli democracy. This has strained Netanyahu’s relationship with the United States, with President Joe Biden refusing to invite him to the White House.

As Netanyahu stays overnight for observation, President Isaac Herzog, opposition leader Yair Lapid, and other politicians have wished him good health and a speedy recovery. Netanyahu’s condition will continue to be monitored, and further updates are expected.