NFL Nation Ranks: Who’s Stuck on the Hot Seat in the 2023 Season? Fans Shocked by Latest Rankings!

Week 12 of the 2023 NFL season has seen the rise of the Denver Broncos, who have secured a four-game win streak after a Sunday night comeback win against the Minnesota Vikings. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Chargers have seen their ranks diminish after another loss. Additionally, the “Monday Night Football” game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles determined who held the No. 1 spot this week.

In addition to the updated rankings, NFL Nation reporters have revisited their preseason picks for who was on the hot seat. These picks ranged from players to coaches and evaluated their current situation as boiling, hot, cold or freezing. Special teams coach Michael Clay for the Philadelphia Eagles was previously on the hot seat due to missteps in the 2022 season, but his unit has shown significant improvement this year, with punt returner Britain Covey excelling. The Niners’ DT Javon Kinlaw has showcased improvement in his defense this season, seeing a lower risk of being let go. On the other hand, RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire of the Chiefs has had a challenging year and is likely to seek other opportunities next season.

The Detroit Lions’ QB Jared Goff has seen positive results this season as the team sits atop the NFC North standings, while WR Rashod Bateman of the Baltimore Ravens has shown hesitations as he struggles to increase his receiving yards and touchdowns. The Cowboys’ head coach Mike McCarthy has led the team to a hopeful position for a third straight playoff appearance. Coach Kevin Stefanski of the Browns is also in a strong position, with the team showing resilience despite season-ending injuries to key players. OLB Josh Allen and OT Spencer Brown of the Jacksonville Jaguars have also performed well, seeing lower risks of being let go. The hot seat has cooled for Dolphins’ OT Austin Jackson as he has played a key role on the offensive line for the season.

This NFL season continues to bring dynamic surprises for teams and players. With a few games left to play, the hot seat continues to shift for many.