Oakland Gas Station Ransacked by Dozens – $100K in Merchandise Stolen as Police Fail to Respond

Oakland, California – A gas station manager in Oakland is left feeling frustrated and angry after his business was ransacked by a group of people overnight. Adding insult to injury, the manager claims that despite calling for help, the police did not respond to the incident.

The 76 Station on Hegenberger Road near Interstate 880 fell victim to the vandalism, with a crowd from a nearby sideshow breaking in around 4:30 a.m. The incident resulted in significant damage and theft amounting to over $100,000 according to the station manager, Sam Mardaie.

Mardaie stated that approximately 80 to 100 individuals participated in the ransacking, seemingly upset that they were only offered window service due to the late night time. The gas station only allowed customers to be served through the window at that hour, as was standard procedure.

Concerns have been mounting in the Hegenberger corridor, with this incident being the latest in a string of issues in the area. Just days prior, law enforcement responded to a shooting at a nearby Chevron station, further highlighting the ongoing challenges faced in the community.

Additionally, the closure of an In-N-Out restaurant in March due to persistent crime in the area underscores the severity of the situation. Businesses and residents in the Hegenberger corridor are grappling with rising crime rates and the lack of effective responses from law enforcement, leaving many feeling vulnerable and frustrated.

Despite reaching out to the Oakland police for a statement on Mardaie’s claims, no response has been received thus far. The community is left seeking answers and solutions to address the escalating crime problem plaguing the neighborhood.