OpenAI Appointment of Emmett Shear as Interim CEO Sparks Controversy and Criticism of Due Diligence

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The artificial intelligence company OpenAI has seen a whirlwind of changes in its executive leadership team in recent days, culminating in the appointment of interim CEO Emmett Shear on Monday. Shear, a co-founder of Twitch, took over the reins from Sam Altman, who was ousted from his position on Friday. The abrupt departure of Altman has sparked controversy within the company, with the majority of OpenAI employees threatening to leave and join Microsoft unless changes are made to the board and Altman is reinstated.

Since leaving Twitch in March, Shear has been vocal on social media, expressing his opinions on various topics including Microsoft, gender politics, and OpenAI’s management changes. His appointment has raised questions from industry experts and commentators regarding the process involved in selecting him as interim CEO, particularly in light of his active online presence.

Before joining OpenAI, Shear co-founded Twitch, which initially began as a one-person livestreaming platform called With a background in tech and social media, Shear’s appointment signifies a shift in leadership style for the company, drawing attention to his previous statements and engagements on social media platforms.

As Shear steps into his new role, concerns remain about the company’s future and the impact of recent executive changes. The controversy surrounding Altman’s removal and the mass exodus threatened by OpenAI employees underscores the challenges facing the company in the midst of these developments.

In a statement, Shear emphasized the importance of OpenAI’s mission, acknowledging the need to address the internal trust issues stemming from Altman’s removal. The road ahead for OpenAI and its leadership team is uncertain, as the company navigates the fallout from recent events and the appointment of its new interim CEO.