Pastor’s Resignation Shocks Congregation: Protesters Gather as Gateway Church Responds to Sexual Abuse Allegations

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS – Following the resignation of senior pastor Robert Morris from Gateway Church amidst allegations of sexual abuse, church elders held the first service to address the situation. In a packed gathering, Elder Tra Willbanks asked congregants to pray for Morris, his accuser, and their families. The church faced protest from a small group outside, demanding justice for the alleged victim.

Morris, the founder of the megachurch, resigned after allegations emerged of his sexual abuse of an Oklahoma woman when she was between the ages of 12 and 16. The accuser, Cindy Clemishire, came forward with her story, leading to Morris’ resignation. Despite the lack of criminal charges, the church elders announced an investigation into the alleged incidents from the 1980s.

Many church members expressed outrage at the allegations, but some also voiced forgiveness towards Morris, believing in his repentance efforts. However, the lack of transparency from Gateway Church regarding the accusations left some congregants disillusioned and disappointed.

During the service, a small group of protestors gathered outside the church, holding signs demanding justice for the victim. Some former members, like Anita and Nicole Ishee, were shocked by the allegations and criticized the church’s handling of the situation. Others, like Valentina Hansen, questioned whether they could continue attending Gateway in light of the controversy.

As the church tried to address the crisis, conflicting emotions among congregants were evident. While some, like Emily High, felt betrayed and called for new leadership, others, like Liz Oliver, emphasized the importance of redemption and forgiveness. The church grappled with the fallout of the scandal, with members divided over the path forward for Gateway Church.

In the aftermath of Morris’ resignation, the church faced a challenging road ahead, navigating internal turmoil and rebuilding trust among its members. The impact of the scandal reverberated through the congregation, prompting soul-searching and tough conversations about the future of the church. As Gateway Church sought to heal and move forward, the community remained divided on how to address the allegations and chart a new course for the institution.