Paulson’s Portfolio Revealed: Top Holdings and Major Changes Uncovered

New York, NY – Renowned investor John Paulson has made significant changes to his 13F stock portfolio in the latest quarter, showcasing a shift in his investment strategy. Paulson, best known for his successful bets against the real estate market during the financial crisis, saw his portfolio value increase from approximately $1.11 billion to $1.45 billion this quarter. The 13F portfolio consists of 18 securities, with the top five positions including companies like Madrigal Pharma, Bausch Health, Brightsphere Investment Group, Perpetua Resources, and NovaGold, which collectively make up around 74% of the overall portfolio.

One of the standout moves in Paulson’s portfolio is the significant stake increase in Madrigal Pharma, which now accounts for approximately 33% of the total holdings. Established in Q2 2023, the position has seen consistent growth over the quarters, with the stock currently trading at around $277. Additionally, Paulson has maintained a long-term investment in NovaGold Resources, which occupies a 5.64% stake in the portfolio. With a high cost basis and control over 9% of the business, this investment has been a cornerstone of Paulson’s holdings since 2010.

Throughout the latest quarter, Paulson also made strategic moves in other companies, such as Perpetua Resources, Agnico Eagle Mines, and Thryv Holdings, each reflecting a deliberate approach to portfolio management. While some stakes were increased, others were decreased or kept steady, indicating Paulson’s ongoing evaluation of market conditions and individual company performance.

It’s worth noting that Paulson has made headlines for his bearish stance on certain assets, including cryptocurrencies and specific stocks like AngloGold Ashanti, where he has reduced positions significantly. These decisions, coupled with strategic investments in companies like Bausch Health and Brightsphere Investment Group, demonstrate Paulson’s diversified approach to wealth management.

Overall, Paulson’s latest 13F filings offer insights into his investment philosophy and the calculated risks he takes to achieve continued success in the ever-evolving financial markets. As he navigates changing market dynamics and adjusts his portfolio accordingly, investors and industry observers are keen to see how his strategies will unfold in the coming quarters.