President Biden Urges House Democrats to Take Action on 2023 Issues at Baltimore Conference

Today, House Democrats from across the country convened in Baltimore, Maryland for the 2023 Issues Conference. The conference, organized by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is a chance for members of the House to come together and discuss their plans for the upcoming election cycle.

The conference was kicked off by a speech from President Joe Biden, who used the opportunity to rally his party and urge them to take credit for their successes. He also took the time to reiterate his commitment to banning assault weapons, saying “come hell or high water, we will get this done.”

The President also discussed his plans for the upcoming election cycle, striking a campaign-like tone while addressing the crowd. He spoke of the importance of the upcoming election and the need for Democrats to come together in order to win.

The Issues Conference will continue through the weekend, with members of the House discussing various policy issues, such as healthcare, immigration, climate change, and the economy.

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