President Biden’s Historic Plan to Revitalize Century-Old Train Tunnels in Baltimore and New York

President Biden visited Baltimore on Monday to discuss plans for the newly-named Frederick Douglass Tunnel, one of two century-old train tunnels in Baltimore and New York that will receive funding from the infrastructure law proposed by the Biden administration.

The President’s visit was part of a nationwide tour to promote his infrastructure plan, which includes $20 billion to improve the two tunnels, one of which is the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel, which was built in 1873.

During his visit, Biden spoke about the importance of upgrading the tunnels and the potential economic benefits for the region. He also hailed the plan for a “big East Coast tunnel fix,” which would involve the construction of a new tunnel connecting the two cities.

The President also spoke about his personal experience with the Amtrak train, claiming he had ridden it home 15% of the time with engineers. This statement was met with some skepticism, as the President has made similar claims in the past that have been debunked.

Despite the controversy, Biden’s visit to Baltimore has been seen as a success and has highlighted the importance of the infrastructure law. The President’s plan is expected to be passed by Congress and will provide much-needed funding for the two tunnels.