“Rare Fungal Outbreak Hits Michigan Paper Mill, Nearly 100 Cases Confirmed Among Workers”

Almost 100 confirmed or probable cases of a rare fungal infection have been linked to a paper mill in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, according to health officials. The outbreak of blastomyces fungus has affected workers at the Escanaba paper mill, with over 100 employees infected so far. The source of the outbreak is believed to be from a recent renovation of the factory’s ventilation system.

Symptoms of the fungal infection include cough, fever, and chest pain. In severe cases, the fungus can spread to other organs and lead to death. Health officials are urging anyone who may be experiencing symptoms to seek medical attention immediately.

The mill has temporarily shut down operations while health officials investigate the outbreak and necessary precautions are taken to prevent further spread.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working closely with local health authorities to control the outbreak and prevent any potential further infections.

Residents living near the mill are also being advised to take precautions, including wearing masks and avoiding outdoor activities in the area.

The paper mill is a major employer in the region, and the outbreak is causing concern among workers and their families. Officials are assuring the public that steps are being taken to control the situation and protect the health of all involved.