“Russia-Ukraine Conflict Intensifies: Nationwide Outages, Elderly Forced into Basements and Hypersonic Missiles”

Nationwide outages continue in Ukraine as a result of a barrage from Russia in their ongoing war. The latest attack saw Russia firing hypersonic missiles, causing elderly holdouts to seek shelter in basements.

Ukraine’s defenses were further tested when Russia used a rarely-used missile to attack. The country is still reeling from the hypersonic missile attacks and Ukraine’s power grid is severely damaged.

In response to the ongoing crisis, President Biden hosted a top EU official to address the situation. Meanwhile, Ukrainian citizens are struggling to cope with the loss of power and lack of basic necessities.

Despite Russia’s brutal tactics, their assault on Ukraine’s power grid may have failed. According to BBC, there are signs that Putin’s attack did not achieve its intended result.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, causing widespread devastation and impacting innocent civilians. The international community is closely monitoring the situation and striving to find a peaceful resolution.