Russian Reinforcements Pour Into Eastern Ukraine: World Walks Into Wider War as UN Chief Warns of Eradication

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have escalated in recent weeks, with reports of Russian reinforcements pouring into eastern Ukraine and Russian attacks intensifying in the region.

According to Reuters, the governor of Ukraine’s easternmost region, Donetsk, has reported a large number of Russian reinforcements arriving in the area. This is in addition to the thousands of Russian troops already stationed in the region, according to The New York Times.

CNN reports that the Russian military is now in control of a number of towns in eastern Ukraine, and that the situation is escalating quickly. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Ukraine is warning Russia is planning a major offensive, and the Guardian has reported that the UN chief has warned that the world is walking into a wider war.

The situation in eastern Ukraine is clearly escalating, and it is unclear how it will be resolved.