Russia’s Main Battle Tank Losses in Ukraine War: Up to Half, Analysts Estimate

On February 16, 2023, a report by The Washington Post estimated that Russia has lost nearly half of its main battle tanks. This comes as the war between Russia and Ukraine has escalated over the past year, with both sides struggling to gain the upper hand.

Bloomberg reported that the latest news from the conflict is that Ukraine is desperate for Western tanks to counter the Russian forces. This is in addition to the estimates that Russian forces have lost up to half of their key battle tanks, according to The Guardian.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the estimates show that Russia has likely lost more than half of its tanks in Ukraine. This is a major blow to the Russian army, as it was already struggling to keep up with the Ukrainian forces.

USA TODAY reported that Ukraine is now desperately seeking help from Western countries in order to counter the Russian forces. The Ukrainian government has asked for tanks and other military equipment to help turn the tide of the war.

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