“Scream VI Marketing Tactic Goes Viral with Spooky Ghostface Sightings Across the US, Causing 911 Dispatch Floods and Scaring Residents”

“Ghostface” sightings incite panic and frustration among US residents

Over the past week, a series of “Ghostface” sightings have occurred across the United States, causing chaos and distress among unsuspecting residents.

The sightings are part of a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming horror movie, “Scream VI.” However, many residents are unaware of the campaign and are mistaking the Ghostface masks for a real threat.

Reports have come in from various states, including California, New York, and Texas, with many individuals claiming that the masked figures have been seen lurking inneighborhoods and public areas. Some have even reported the masked figures entering their homes.

The incident has prompted several emergency calls to local law enforcement, with some dispatch centers being flooded with 911 calls.

The marketing campaign has also caused backlash from those who believe it is inappropriate and causing unnecessary panic in already uncertain times.

Despite the negative reactions, the marketing tactic has been effective in generating buzz around the upcoming movie, which is set to release later this year.

The production studio behind the movie has released a statement, apologizing for any inconvenience or distress caused by the marketing campaign and assuring the public that the Ghostface sightings are not a real threat.