Sean Penn’s ‘Superpower’: Examining the Level of Shame in US’s Failure to Arm Ukraine Faster

Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn has released a documentary film, titled ‘Superpower’, that focuses on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and has been met with widespread critical acclaim.

In an interview with The Guardian, Penn expressed that the US must accept a ‘level of shame’ for not arming Ukraine faster in the face of Russian aggression. Penn’s documentary follows the 2014 invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and the subsequent annexation of Crimea.

Variety’s review of the documentary praised the film for its ‘right-minded’ approach to the conflict, but noted that it could have done with a little less of Penn himself. Yahoo News reported that the film captures Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in the moment of the Russian invasion.

DW (English) described the documentary as an ‘idiot’s guide’ to Ukraine, giving viewers a comprehensive overview of the conflict and its implications for the region. For more on the documentary and the conflict in Ukraine, view the full coverage on USNN.