Self-Coup Unveiled: Morales Accuses Arce of Deception in Bolivian Political Scandal

La Paz, Bolivia – Former President Evo Morales of Bolivia has accused President Luis Arce of orchestrating a “self-coup” last week, leading to a sharp deterioration in their once-allied relationship. Morales alleged that Arce staged the military deployment to the government palace as a political strategy to boost his popularity among Bolivians amidst low public approval ratings.

Initially denouncing the military action as a “coup d’état,” Morales later shifted his stance to support claims that Arce had masterminded the incident. Former General Juan José Zuñiga, the alleged leader of the coup attempt, reportedly accused Arce of betraying him in custody, claiming the president sought to raise his popularity by creating a crisis.

The accusation of a “self-coup” quickly gained traction among Arce’s political opponents, who labeled the incident as a deceptive political move. Criticisms of Arce escalated from within Bolivia and neighboring Argentina, where officials condemned the attempted coup as fraudulent and lacking credibility.

In response to Morales’ allegations, Presidential Minister María Nela Prada rebuked him over state media, cautioning against becoming a tool of imperialism. Amidst the political turmoil, deep ideological divisions emerged between supporters of Morales and Arce, further exacerbating tensions in the already tumultuous political landscape of Bolivia.

The rift between Morales and Arce, once political allies within the Movement for Socialism party, grew wider as Morales expressed intentions to challenge Arce for the party’s candidacy in the upcoming elections. Their strained relationship has hindered legislative progress and fueled bitterness among their supporters, intensifying the political turmoil in Bolivia.

As the feud between Morales and Arce continues to escalate, the future of Bolivia’s political landscape remains uncertain. The discord between the two prominent figures has stirred unrest among the populace, further complicating efforts to address the pressing economic challenges facing the country.

Despite attempts to reconcile their differences, Morales’ recent comments criticizing Arce and the military deployment signal a deepening divide that may have lasting implications for Bolivia’s political stability. The fallout from the “self-coup” allegations has exposed underlying tensions and power struggles within the country’s leadership, raising concerns about the ability of its leaders to navigate the complex socio-political landscape.