Semifinal showdown: England vs Netherlands live updates and scorers

London, UK – England and the Netherlands are set to clash in the Euro 2024 semifinals, with the winner earning a spot in the final against Spain on Sunday. Both teams have shown determination and skill throughout the tournament, with England narrowly edging out victories in the knockout stages, while the Netherlands has displayed a strong offensive presence.

England, the pre-tournament favorite, has never won the Euros, finishing as the runner-up in 2020. On the other hand, the Netherlands, the 1988 Euro champions, are looking to reclaim the title after a strong showing in the tournament.

In the build-up to the semifinal match, England midfielder Declan Rice expressed confidence in his team, stating, “We’re here for a reason, Holland are here for a reason, and may the best team win.” This match is expected to be intense, with both teams eager to secure a spot in the final.

Throughout the game, key moments unfolded, such as England’s Harry Kane scoring a penalty to level the playing field, and Netherlands’ Xavi Simons delivering an early goal. Players like Jude Bellingham and Jordan Pickford made significant contributions, showcasing their skills on the field.

As the match progressed, tensions ran high, with both teams creating scoring opportunities and defending fiercely. Ultimately, it was a test of skill, strategy, and determination as they battled for a chance to compete in the final.

The game ended with a thrilling result, setting the stage for a showdown between the winner and Spain in the Euro 2024 final. As England and the Netherlands reflect on their performances, they are already looking ahead to the next challenge, ready to face whatever comes their way in pursuit of European glory.