Shocking Admission Leads to More Witnesses in Alex Murdaugh’s Murder Trial

Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial is coming to a close, as prosecutors prepare to call more witnesses before the jury visits the scene where his wife and son were killed.

The brother of Alex Murdaugh, Paul Murdaugh, took the stand this week, recounting the events of the night of the crime. He testified that he had to clean up the remains of his nephew, Paul Murdaugh, at the scene.

The defense team will rest on Monday, after Alex Murdaugh made a shocking admission on the stand. He stated that he was the one responsible for the murders of his wife and son.

Netflix recently released a movie based on the case, and the villain was based on Alex Murdaugh. In the movie, the character hurt himself by testifying, which is similar to what Alex did in real life.

The jury is expected to visit the scene of the crime this week, before making their final decision in the case. It is unclear what the verdict will be, but the outcome of this trial is sure to have a lasting impact.