Southern California Battles Against Nature: Snow Up High, Flooding Down Low, and Cars Stranded on 5 Freeway

Residents in the Los Angeles area have been dealing with a wild weather storm that has brought snow up high, and flooding down below. Southern California is battling against nature as flooding has closed major freeways.

The dry riverbed that appeared in the movie Grease is now swollen with floodwaters. Near the Hollywood Burbank airport, cars have been stranded in a flooded intersection on the 5 freeway which has turned into a river. In Sun Valley, cars were submerged and stranded on the flooded 5 freeway.

The storm has caused flooding in many areas, as well as mudslides and sinkholes. There is still no word on when the flooding will subside and the freeways will reopen.

Residents are being urged to stay off the roads and to take extra caution. For more information on the storm, view the full coverage on USNN.