Southern California Braces for Historic Blizzard: Thousands Without Power, Beaches Closed

Residents of Los Angeles are in shock as a rare blizzard takes aim at the southern California region. Parts of the metro area are still under a historic blizzard warning as heavy snow and rain pummel the region.

The storm has already caused power outages for thousands of residents, and has closed beaches due to lightning. Beaches along the Santa Monica Bay were closed for the day due to the storm.

The snowfall is a rare occurrence for the area, and has caused some roads to become impassable. Many schools in the area have been cancelled for the day due to the storm.

The winter storm is expected to continue throughout the day, with some areas expecting up to a foot of snow. The storm has also caused some flooding in the area, and is expected to cause further power outages.

Residents are being urged to stay indoors and avoid any unnecessary travel. Those who must venture outside are being warned to take caution and be prepared for any unexpected weather or road conditions.

It is unclear when the storm will end, but forecasters are expecting it to last through the night.