“S&P 500 Rises Ahead of Key Inflation Data as Earnings Season Kicks Off This Week”

Earnings Season Kicks Off This Week as S&P Earnings Estimates Slide

As the earnings season kicks off, traders are preparing for a volatile week. The S&P 500 ended Monday slightly higher as investors anxiously anticipated key inflation data, which was released on Tuesday. The US online inflation reportedly slowed for the seventh consecutive month, causing stock futures to remain flat on Monday.

Despite the slow inflation data, traders still found cause for concern as S&P earnings estimates for the first quarter reportedly slide. Experts predict that earnings growth will be minimal with only a few standout companies performing well.

Investors and traders were also keeping an eye on the stock market as a whole, with the recent news of stocks moving lower just days before the start of earnings season. This economic climate has led to uncertainty amongst investors and fears of a potential market crash or recession.

Overall, the upcoming weeks will be critical for investors as they keep tabs on inflation data and how companies perform during earnings season. The market’s reaction will be closely watched to see if it will continue to slide or stabilize.