Spanish Prime Minister Declares Palestinian Statehood ‘Only Route to Peace’; Israel Accuses Madrid of Inciting Jewish ‘Genocide’

Madrid, Spain – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared that the establishment of a Palestinian state is essential for peace in the Middle East. His statement came as Spain, along with Norway and Ireland, formally recognized Palestine. Sanchez emphasized the historical significance of this decision, emphasizing that a two-state solution is crucial for lasting peace in the region.

The Spanish government’s announcement was met with mixed reactions, with some European countries considering similar recognition. The move was seen as a positive step towards resolving the conflict in Gaza and supporting the Palestinian cause. Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris underscored the importance of practical actions to uphold the two-state solution amidst ongoing violence.

However, Israel responded with strong opposition, accusing Spain of inciting genocide and criticizing other European nations for their support of Palestinian statehood. The situation has further strained relations between Israel and some EU states, highlighting the deep-seated divisions over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The decision to recognize Palestine has sparked backlash from Israel, leading to the recall of ambassadors from Spain, Ireland, and Norway. Despite this, support for Palestinian statehood continues to grow globally, with 144 countries already recognizing Palestine. In the EU, several member states have also endorsed the establishment of a Palestinian state, underscoring the international community’s call for a resolution through dialogue and diplomacy.

Sanchez’s remarks align with a broader movement towards recognizing the rights of Palestinians and advocating for a two-state solution. The diplomatic tensions between Israel and European countries underscore the complexity of the Middle East conflict and the challenges of finding a path to peace. As discussions on Palestinian statehood evolve, the role of international actors in resolving the conflict remains a contentious issue with far-reaching implications for the region’s stability and security.