“Spotify Takes on TikTok with New Vertical Video Feed and Home Evolution”

Spotify Launches New Video Feed to Keep Listeners Listening

Music streaming giant Spotify has just announced the launch of its new video feed, aimed at keeping users hooked and entertained for longer. The new feature is available on both iOS and Android and is described by Spotify as the “biggest evolution yet.”

According to Spotify, the new video feed is similar to TikTok, with users scrolling through a series of vertical videos showcasing musicians, playlist creators, and other Spotify content. The videos are optimized for vertical viewing and users can easily browse through the content by swiping left or right.

This new feature is part of Spotify’s ongoing effort to boost user engagement and keep them listening for longer periods. The video feed is designed to be a natural extension of the app’s existing audio content, and users are expected to find it both entertaining and informative.

In addition to the video feed, Spotify has also launched an “Entirely New” Home Feed that incorporates algorithmically generated recommendations and a personalized mix of content, taking inspiration from TikTok’s popular “For You” page.

Spotify’s new video feed and Home Feed are available now on iOS and Android, while the company is also testing new subscription tiers that will offer users even more features and benefits, such as higher-quality audio and exclusive content.