Stabbings, Death Investigation Linked: Man Due in Court for Terrifying Weekend Rampage at Movie Theater and McDonald’s!

DEEP RIVER, CT – A man linked to a death investigation in Deep River and multiple stabbings in Massachusetts is set to appear in court on Tuesday. Authorities responded to a disturbance call in Deep River over the weekend, leading to the discovery of a deceased individual. The victim’s identity remains undisclosed, and the cause of death is unknown.

The incident in Deep River is suspected to be connected to a series of stabbings in Braintree, Massachusetts. Law enforcement sources from NBC 10 Boston have suggested a correlation between the two cases. In Braintree, a man entered a movie theater and attacked four young girls without provocation. The victims, aged between 9 and 17, sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Among the girls injured in the movie theater attack were three sisters, as revealed by their mother. The assailant allegedly approached them while they were seated and proceeded to stab them, displaying disturbing behavior throughout the ordeal. The mother expressed concern over the growing violence in public spaces, emphasizing the need for increased security measures.

Following the violent episode in the theater, the suspect fled the scene in a SUV and later engaged in another stabbing at a McDonald’s in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Two individuals were injured in this separate incident, prompting a pursuit by state troopers that resulted in a fiery crash. The suspect, identified as Jared Ravizza, 26, from Chilmark, Massachusetts, was apprehended and taken to the hospital for treatment.

In response to the series of attacks, AMC theaters expressed deep concern and assured heightened security measures at the affected location. The safety and well-being of patrons and staff members are a top priority for the theater chain. As investigations continue, both Connecticut State Police and Massachusetts State Police are actively involved in the case but have not yet disclosed the suspect’s identity. Ravizza is expected to face charges related to the stabbings in Massachusetts in an upcoming court appearance.