Sunbird Messaging App Halts Service Amid Security Concerns: What You Need to Know!

San Francisco, CA – Sunbird, the app that aimed to bring iMessage to Android, has temporarily halted its services due to “security concerns.” The app, which launched in 2022, promised end-to-end encryption, no message data collection, and no ads. However, its suspension comes after reports surfaced that messages sent through Sunbird may not actually be end-to-end encrypted.

According to a post from, messages sent via Sunbird may not be as secure as the app claimed. In addition, Android developer Dylan Roussel discovered that Sunbird stores thousands of media files on the cloud service Firebase, contradicting the app’s claims about not storing data on its own servers.

The company has not commented on its decision to shut down the app, but it has assured users that they will be updated when the app is ready to proceed. Despite previously being available for download, the app is no longer listed on the Google Play Store, as confirmed by an archived version of the page.

Sunbird’s suspension raises concerns about the security of messaging apps and the extent to which they fulfill promises of end-to-end encryption and data protection. It also highlights the challenges that apps face in maintaining user trust and privacy while offering seamless communication experiences.

In conclusion, Sunbird’s decision to pause its services sheds light on the importance of transparency and accountability when it comes to privacy and security claims made by messaging apps. It also reflects the ongoing challenges in ensuring that users’ data is protected in an increasingly connected digital world.