Tilman Fertitta, Jeff Bezos Battle to Buy NFL’s Washington Commanders

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta is reportedly involved in a bidding war for the Washington D.C. Commanders, a professional football team. The news comes after reports that the team’s current owner, Dan Snyder, has blocked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos from bidding on the team.

The Commanders have been one of the least popular teams in the NFL, and the news of Fertitta’s involvement has sparked speculation that Bezos may be looking to buy the team and turn it into a more successful franchise.

Bezos has yet to make a formal bid for the team, but reports indicate that he has been blocked from bidding by Snyder. The reports have intensified speculation that Snyder is looking to keep the team in his hands, despite its lack of success.

Fertitta, who is known for his success in the hospitality industry, is reportedly looking to make a bid for the team and turn it into a more profitable venture.

The future of the Commanders remains uncertain, but one thing is certain: Tilman Fertitta is looking to make a play for the team, and Jeff Bezos is looking to make a play for the team. It remains to be seen who will come out on top in this bidding war.