Tire on American Airlines Plane Catches Fire During Takeoff – Watch Dramatic Video Here!

Tampa, Florida – An American Airlines flight encountered a harrowing incident during takeoff when one of its tires blew and caught fire on Wednesday. This adds to a string of recent incidents involving tire-related problems on commercial flights.

The flight, bound for Phoenix, was delayed due to a mechanical issue with the Boeing 737-800 tires, according to airline spokesperson Alfredo Garduño. Emergency responders rushed to the scene at Tampa International Airport just before 8 a.m. after reports of a tire blowing off and igniting.

Fortunately, all 174 passengers and six crew members on board were safely evacuated and taken to the terminal. Despite the disruption, no other flight operations were impacted by the incident.

Passengers were promptly rebooked on alternative flights to Phoenix as American Airlines sought to minimize the inconvenience caused. Garduño expressed apologies for any disruptions to the customers’ travel plans.

In a similar incident, United Airlines also faced a tire-related mishap during takeoff from Los Angeles to Denver. The aircraft lost one wheel but managed to land safely at its destination without any reported injuries to passengers or crew.

The recent tire incidents have triggered federal safety reviews of both American Airlines and United Airlines, with the latter placed under increased FAA oversight. Aviation experts emphasize that while rare, tire malfunctions do occur occasionally in the industry.

David Evans, an FAA-certificated pilot, highlighted the infrequent nature of plane tire losses, noting that such events are usually uneventful in the end. Both airlines are facing scrutiny as authorities investigate the root causes of these incidents and work towards ensuring passenger safety.