“Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ Magnetic First Kiss: A Love Story with Hometown Secrets and Breakups”

Reality TV star Tom Sandoval recently opened up about his relationship with Raquel Leviss in an interview with Page Six. The Vanderpump Rules cast member detailed their first kiss as “magnetic” and praised Leviss as “amazing.”

However, TMZ reported that when Leviss visited Sandoval’s hometown, his family didn’t want to meet her. This news was followed by Yahoo Entertainment’s report that Sandoval secretly took Leviss home to meet his family before the couple’s relationship took a turn for the worse.

In an update to their story, Page Six shared that Sandoval announced he and Leviss were “taking a break” from their sexual relationship. PEOPLE also chimed in with their take on the situation, discussing Tom Schwartz and Leviss’ recent kissing incident.

With these conflicting stories and updates, it seems like there’s a lot of drama surrounding Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship. Fans of the reality show will have to wait and see how their storyline develops in the coming episodes.