Tornado-Force Winds, Blizzards, and Power Outages: Severe Storms Sweep Across US

A powerful storm system is wreaking havoc across the United States, with tornadoes, severe winds, and heavy rain and snow pummeling the country.

In the central US, tornadoes and severe winds have struck Oklahoma, leaving nearly 250,000 people without power. The storm is expected to move eastward, bringing a snowstorm to the Northeast.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, California is facing a blizzard, while the Plains are being hit by hurricane-force winds. The storm is expected to bring more rain and snow to the region, as well as strong winds and potential flooding.

The National Weather Service has issued warnings for the affected areas, urging residents to take caution and prepare for the severe weather.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.