Tragedy Strikes Orlando: 9-Year-Old Girl Killed in Shooting Spree, Reporter Identified

On Tuesday, a tragic shooting spree occurred in Orlando, Florida, claiming the lives of a 9-year-old girl and a 24-year-old reporter, Dylan Lyons.

The reporter, who worked for Spectrum News 13, was identified by his family. According to witnesses, the shooting spree began early Tuesday morning when the suspect, Keith Moses, opened fire at a local apartment complex.

The suspect then drove to a nearby shopping center, where he shot the 9-year-old girl and the reporter. He then fled the scene in a car.

Police were able to apprehend the suspect after a short pursuit. During the arrest, bodycam footage showed officers confiscating a handgun from the suspect.

Since the shooting, many members of the Orlando community have been mourning the loss of the young girl and the reporter. Local TV reporter, Angela Jacobs, delivered an emotional report of her colleague’s death.

The shooting has left the community in shock and grief. The Orlando Police Department is still investigating the incident.