Tragic: Virginia Pastor Dies From Fire Pit Explosion Injuries

ALEXANDRIA, VA – A tragic accident has claimed the life of Kevin Corey, a beloved pastor from Northern Virginia. Corey passed away after suffering third degree burns on about 65% of his body in an explosion at his home on Jan. 30th. The accident occurred as Corey was burning old documents in a fire pit in the yard of his townhome in the Newington area of Fairfax County. A gas can exploded in his hands, leading to the severe injuries that ultimately proved fatal.

Corey had been airlifted to the hospital and was in intensive care following the explosion. His daughter, Jenna Guercia, had been providing updates on her father’s condition via Facebook, keeping friends and supporters informed about his progress. Sadly, she announced on Feb. 7th that Corey had passed away. “We are so happy that he is no longer in pain and his body is healed, but we are so heartbroken,” Guercia wrote in her emotional Facebook post.

At the time of the accident, Corey was in the process of transitioning from serving as the youth pastor at Calvary Road Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, to becoming a senior pastor at another church. He and his wife were preparing to move approximately 200 miles away to Glasgow, Virginia, to be closer to Guercia.

Neighbors of Corey reported hearing an explosion coming from his home on the night of the accident, and one neighbor’s Ring camera captured the tragic incident. The footage showed Corey adding an accelerant, which happened to be a gas can, to the fire, leading to the explosion. Despite the heroic efforts of Corey’s wife to put out the flames, he suffered extensive burns that ultimately led to his passing.

Guercia also shared that Corey underwent an initial procedure to treat his severe burns following the accident, and the surgery went as well as doctors had hoped. Corey was responsive to his family’s voices and could squeeze their hands and wiggle his toes, offering hope in the midst of the devastating situation.

The tragic loss of Pastor Kevin Corey has deeply impacted the community, leaving many to mourn his passing and celebrate the impact he had on the lives of those around him.